Trusted ceramic products

With more than fifty years of experience in the ceramic world, the Montesa-Latorre family constitutes the company MONTESA PRODUCTOS CERAMICOS SOCIEDAD ANONIMA, dedicated primarily to the manufacture of ceramic materials, offering artisans and industries in the sector, a high-quality raw material. quality and professional and specialized technical assistance.

In our company, Montesa Productos Ceráticos Sociedad Anónima, (MPC, SA), we manufacture low-temperature white ceramic pastes such as earthenware for extrusion and collage, medium-temperature white pastes such as semigreses and vitrogreses, and also white ceramic pastes. high temperature such as porcelain and stoneware.

We also have red bodies, high-temperature fired stoneware and refractory bodies and terracottas.

Improving day by day

Currently, MPC SA is committed to investing in R&D&I, allocating the results obtained to its technical development and, consequently, directing its strategic plans towards the innovation of processes, products and services.

Research in the development of new formulas has led to the creation of other materials, such as self-hardening clays, intended for the world of crafts and which constitute the basis of two own brands, such as PORCELINA and ARCIMODEL clays, whose characteristics make them equals in terms of its plasticity and softness to the touch, but also makes them different with respect to their technical specifications and uses.

The company's opening to new markets has expanded the range of products, thus diversifying their offering, all of which are perfectly compatible with ceramic pastes, such as brightly colored glazes, pigments, and slips.

Natural clay, used as a single element, does not contain any type of chemical additive, it is fundamentally enriched by its mineral composition that determines the color, characteristics and properties, constituting our commitment to the natural cosmetics sector.

Montesa Productos Ceramicos SA applies all the necessary technical development to obtain constant compositions adjusting to the needs of the market.